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Information note and / or consent on the processing of personal data

CHIRIC & CHIRIC Civil Law Firm , Bucharest Bar, headquartered in Bucharest, 80-84 Căderea Bastiliei Street, ground floor, sector 1, postal code 010616, e-mail, fax:, mobile: 0374 914 705 represented by titular lawyer Liviu CHIRIC, on the occasion of concluding the contract of legal assistance and legal representation, contract concluded at a distance, through our website,, informs you the following:

1. We comply with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data and implement technical and organizational measures to protect all operations directly or indirectly related to personal data, which prevent unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as accidental loss or destruction. or illegal.

2. We process the name and surname of you or of the persons you represent, the domicile and the personal numerical code, bank account included in the contract concluded with us, for:

  • performance of the contract concluded with you, including the performance of activities performed by us in your interest under the contract between us;

  • fulfillment of fiscal obligations related to the payment of the fee;

  • drafting the documents on your behalf, according to the mandate entrusted to you;

  • submitting to the courts and other institutions, authorities, organizations and individuals, from Romania and other countries, as a conventional representative or defender of the requests and other documents necessary for the execution of the entrusted mandate;

  • fulfilling the obligations established by law in the task of lawyers;

  • fulfilling our professional obligation to keep records of contracts concluded by the form of exercising the legal profession. These data will be kept during the professional record keeping

3. We process your phone number and email address to:

  • communication with you. These data will be kept during the professional record keeping.

4. We process personal audio and video data taken from your identity documents, marital status or other documents necessary to identify or during the use of the online audio / video consulting service, in order to fulfill the legal obligations to know the clientele.

5. We process the data contained in your requests and information to us and the data of the agents and third parties contained in the documents that you bring to our attention, in order to:

  • pursuing your legitimate interest in receiving legal assistance and legal representation;

  • achieving the public interest in performing the legal services and the legitimate purposes of the lawyer. This data will be kept during the execution of the contract between you and the lawyer.

6. We do not use personal data for automated processing or for profiling. We never make automatic decisions about you. We use technical means to store data securely. We do not process data for secondary purposes incompatible with the purposes for which we collected it.

7. We strictly respect and ensure professional secrecy. We disclose the data only to fulfill your interests or fulfill your legal obligations. Confidentiality is for us not only a professional obligation of the lawyer, but also an essential value.

8. We review the data collected each year, analyzing the extent to which its retention is necessary for the purposes mentioned, your legitimate interests or the fulfillment of legal obligations by the lawyer. Data that is no longer needed will be deleted.

9. You have the right to access, intervene, rectify and port the data you provide to us, to limit the processing performed by us and even to request the deletion of data. Please note that the intervention on the data you have provided to us may be likely to prevent the performance of the contract concluded between you and your lawyer. In this case the lawyer is exonerated from liability. Please let us know your requests, in any way that is reassuring about the identity of the applicant and his / her justification.

We will answer you without delay. If you are dissatisfied, you can contact ANSPDCP.

1 0 . By using the consultation programming services, online or at our headquarters, of the virtual audio / video space, you expressly consent to the processing of personal data as described in this electronic document.

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